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Doula & Monitrice care
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I am delighted to offer Doula and Monitrice care while I transition to the U.S. and my midwife independent practice establishes. In addition, if you are having a homebirth, i may collaborate, upon mutual agreement, with your midwife and act as an experienced assistant in your home birth.

Doula support

Doula support

In the role of a doula, I will provide emotional, physical, and spiritual care, guiding and supporting you and your partner to experience an enriching and transformative birth experience.  I will meet with you at your home for 2 visits prior to your birth, support you in your labor and birth process, provide 4 hours of immediate postpartum support, and 3 visits during the first 40 days after the birth.



1 hour visit to meet and listen to your desired companionship for your birth, to ask about my services and philosophy, and to explore how I can support you.


Fee Service: Tea, and a solidarity remuneration for my trip to your home.


Doula support

Home visits:

We will have 2 visits prior to the birth to get to know each other, establish mutual trust and confidence. I will listen to your envisioned birth, your needs and desires, and explore how I can support you through this sacred journey.


Initial Visit


A 1 ½  hour visit to initiate a mutual trusting relationship that is essential to create a safe and supportive homebirth environment.  


I offer you:


  • Information and guidance in making conscious decisions about your labor, birth, and postpartum care.

  • An opportunity to express your doubts and clarify any information needed.

  • Guidance in making your birth plan.

  • Integral medicine such as meditation, energy cleanse, or massage…etc.


Second Visit


  • Continued guidance in making your birth plan.

  • Exploration of labor and birth comfort measures such as breathing exercises and laboring positions.

  • Integral medicine such as meditation, energy cleanse, or massage…etc.

Labor and Birth

  • Reassurance and affirmation during early labor.

  • Continuous labor support at your home. If you have planned a hospital or birth center birth, I will transfer with you at the time you desire.

  • Provide comfort measures as desired such as light massage, rebozo work, acupressure, and more.

  • Guide you in your breathing and take different positions.

  • Offer affirmations, and simply hold your sacred space for you to reach your innate birth wisdom.

  • Support your partner in connecting and flowing with the birth to live it as a mutually enriching moment.

  • Assure your physiological needs are met such as maintaining hydration and help with meals.



  • Three 1.5 hour long home visits: within the first 3 days after the birth, between 7-10 days, and between 30-40 days postpartum.

  • Support during the first weeks of your baby’s life to ease and guide you in your transition.

  • Prepare you special teas to help your uterine recovery.

  • Prepare herbal steam baths for perineum care.

  • Lactation support.

  • A gentle traditional Maya belly massage and binding, and pelvic bone-body work.

  • Placenta ceremony to offer to the earth if you are not transforming your placenta into natural medicine.

I will invite you to my birth preparation workshop, to gain confidence, explore your inner wisdom, and provide you and your birth partner with essential tools to incorporate during your labor and birth process.

Monitrice Care

As a monitrice not only do I provide the emotional, physical, and spiritual support for you as a doula, but I will also monitor and assess your birth process. I will provide intermittent fetal heart monitoring, blood pressure checks, and any other assessment or intervention needed or requested by your primary care provider.

Post-partum Doula care

Daytime Fees: $200.00-$250.00 for 4 -5 hour integral support including lactation support, light housework, healthy & vegetarian cooking support, emotional support, and local errands if needed.

Overnight Fees: $400.00 for 12 hours including lactation support, vegetarian cooking support, and newborn care.

Doula monitrice care
Post-partum doula care
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