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Midwifery Care

Prenatal Care

Initial Visit


1.5 hour visit to initiate a trusting relationship. We will make a comprehensive assessment of your health history.  Explore your family’s medical history and background. Explore how you live life and how this can have a direct effect on you and your baby’s health and wellbeing.  Together, we will make a plan of care, and decide what screens and laboratory work are appropriate for you.

Visits for continuity


1 - 1.5 hour visit allows time to grow a mutual trusting relationship that is essential to create a safe and supportive homebirth environment.  I will listen to you with patience and interest, attend to your questions and concerns, provide guidance in nutrition and health promotion, assess your baby’s well being by listening to the heartbeat, assessing your health by checking your blood pressure and weight, reviewing and attending to laboratory results, and incorporate some integral medicine such as meditation, energy cleanse, or massage…etc.


The flow of visits is as follows:

  • Every month at my office until 28 weeks of gestation

  • Every two weeks at my office until 36 weeks

  • Every week until birth staring at 37 weeks

  • Home visit at 37 weeks

  • Office visits at 38 and 39 weeks

  • Home visits until birth starting at 40 weeks

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Labor and home birth


I commit to be available for your birth when you are 37 to 42 weeks gestation. This is the time frame when your baby can be born, and I will be available for you 24 hours 7 days a week to address any concerns and to communicate when your labor has started.


Early Labor:

I will guide you and provide reassurance by phone or cyber contact during the beginning of your labor, and then I will travel to be with you once you are in active labor. However said, I will listen to your needs and come sooner if you would like reassurance and guidance.  


Active Labor, Birth, and Immediate post partum:

I will provide support and guidance for you during active labor until your baby is born.

I provide an integral assessment and care during the first 3-4 hours immediately following the birth to assure a healthy transition.


labor and home birth

Post-partum Care


Consult within 24 hours after the birth that includes:

  • A gentle and complete newborn assessment

  • Vitamin K per your preferences

  • Lactation support

  • Integral assessment of mother

  • Traditional Maya belly binding


Consult at 3 days postpartum that includes:

  • Lactation support

  • A gentle traditional Maya belly massage and binding and gentle pelvic bone-body work with a rebozo.


Consult between 7-10 days after birth:

  • Integral assessment of mother and newborn

  • Lactation support

  • A gentle traditional Maya belly massage and binding, and pelvic bone-body work.


midwife pospartum care
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